How it works

Welcome to Coinveer!

CoinVeer is a handy and user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency exchanges that works smartly for you.
You can opt not to register so will be No emails or passwords. No KYC. No lengthy sign-up process. Or you can sign-up and enjoy our cool features, like history of your previous Veers/Swaps, wallet addresses that you can tag and reuse, analytics showing top swapped coins on 10s of exchanges and much more.
The platform allows to make a quick exchange with only 3 simple steps.
Let’s walk through a case where you want to get Ether and you have Bitcoin.

  1. Set up the transaction

  2. To set up the transaction, you can either type in the amount of Ether you want, OR you can type in the amount of Bitcoin you want to pay. In either event, CoinVeer will automatically compute the exchange rate for the transaction. When you are ready you can press the “Exchange” button.

  3. Enter destination and refund addresses

  4. The destination address is the address where you will receive the results of the transaction. Please be sure that that address can receive the coins resulting from the transaction.
    The Refund address is used to refund your coins in case of any problems. Say you wanted to exchange 2 BTC but send us 20 BTC which is above our exchange limit. In this case we would send your coins back to your refund address. Again, please be sure that the refund address can receive that currency, for example use the address for a Bitcoin wallet if you are sending Bitcoin.
    After you have set the addresses, press the “Start Transaction” button.
    Min and Max coin limits are displayed under the “you have” dropdown for your reference, we will not accept any transfers less or more than the limit set.

  5. Send the required funds

  6. The next page will give you instructions on where to send Bitcoin including the deposit address. You can scan the QR code or simply copy the address.
    Please be aware that cryptocurrency transactions are generally non-reversible so please be sure that you have put the correct addresses into the fields. Also, the time between when the transaction is sent and when it is confirmed depends on the blockchain and on the traffic and can in some cases take hours to complete.
    Once we receive the Bitcoin, we send Ether to the destination you provided. The status bar will show you the progress. Wait until it says, "Completed Successfully".